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If you’re interested in buying an e-reader but don’t which which one to get, you can read see our latest ebook reviews here.  We take everything into account when reviewing these devices; including size, weight, screen display, battery life, price and additional features.

New visitors can click the button above to see our top selling e-reader model for christmas 2011, or you can have a look below for our top 3 recommended ebook readers and devices.

Table of the Best eBook Readers:

RankReaderFeaturesBest Price
  • 1.
    • Store up to 1,400 books
    • 6″ E Ink Screen
    • 30% Lighter and 18% Smaller Body
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 2.
    KINDLE 3GAmazon
    • Free 3G + Wi-Fi
    • Up to 2 Months Battery Life
    • Store up to 3,500 Books
  • 3.
    • Choose from 2 Million Books
    • Store up to 30,000 Books
    • Excellent 6″ Touch Screen


Why Buy an eBook Reader?

This is a good question!  Many people (including myself) have long enjoyed taking a book out of the cupboard, sitting down on the beach with it for years.   Obviously there are going to be a lot of people uncomfortable using technology to read books.  However for everyone else I would definitely recommend getting one.

The first advantage to buying an eBook Reader over an ordinary book is that you can  read and store thousands on books on your eReader at any one time.  You can shop and download any book directly over the internet that you want from your device,  which saves time having to go to the book store and carry books around with you.

eBook Readers are better at accommodating space too. When you’ve finished reading a book you can delete it from your device.  This reduces the clutter of having to store hundreds of old books at home!

The second advantage buying eBooks for your eReader as opposed to buying physical books is that the prices are often a lot cheaper. Amazon.co.uk has announced a guarantee that they the cheapest ebooks prices on the internet.  In 2010, Amazon also announced that they now sell more ebooks on their website than physical books (they sell roughly 150 ebooks for every 100 books sold).

Other Advantages of Owning an eBook Reader over a Physical Book

I’ve used an eBook Reader on holiday many times and one of the biggest advantages in my opinion is the small size and battery life of it.  I have a new version of the Kindle and it’s a lot smaller than a book and has a batter life of more than 3 months.  The fact that you can store more than 3,500 electronic books in addition to reading it in the sunlight without gaze or at the airport makes it really useful to travel with.

Unlike PCs or laptops, eReaders are quite small devices with a screen size of 5” – 9”, with the device itself only measuring 9x12x0.8 cm.  It also weights just 215 grams which makes it pretty easy to walk around and take to the beach with!

Huge Choice of eBook Readers on the Market in 2011-09-08

Customers can find a large choice of eBooks Readers on the internet in 2011, with a number of manufacturers including Amazon, Apple, Sony and newer brands such as “Square” launching their own eBook reading devices.

Prices for eReaders generally range from £50 up to £150 for the newest 3G eBook Reader devices (e.g. the new 3G Kindel) however the for the most part you only need to spend £99 for what you need.  I guess the good news is that with so many different brands launching eReaders you can choose whatever device suits your needs and price range.

Most Popular eBook Reader Devices in 2011:

  • Amazon Wireless Kindle WiFi
  • Amazon Kindle 3G
  • Elonex 500eb eReader
  • Sony Reader Pocket Edition




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